Gropper, William
William "Bill" Gropper was born to Harry and Jenny Gropper on December 3, 1897, in New York City. He’s a painter and cartoonist who focused on social concerns, and was actively engaged in support of the organized labor. He illustrated for the New York Tribune newspaper; Vanity Fair magazine, and the politically 'left-wing' publication, "New Masses." He felt his pieces spoke for the hard working laborers the mines and factories. His pieces often focused on the hypocrisy of government figures, especially members of the United States government. Gropper studied under Robert Henri and George Bellows at the Ferrer School from 1912 to 1915. He did fine-art painting on the side until the early 1920s, and had his first solo exhibition in 1936. In 1938, he completed a mural for the Department of the Interior in Washington DC.

Pieces by William Gropper in our gallery:

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