Haas, Terry
Of Czechoslovakian decent, Terry Haas moved to France as a teenager and then moved to New York in 1939 to flee her Nazi-invaded homeland. She studied at the Art Students’ League and worked at New York’s Atelier 17 in 1946. She returned to Paris in 1950 to teach graphics at the Brooklyn College and the New York City College. In Norway, she studied archaeology where she participated in digs in Mesopotamia, including “Inanna.” she Haas returned to Europe where she received a Wooley Fellowship and a Fulbright Travel Grant in 1951. She settled in Paris where she studied color intaglio printmaking. In 1971, Haas settled in France, where she practices painting, printmaking and sculpting in plexiglass. She has works in public collections such as Guggenheim Museum, Library of Congress, Metropolitan Museum, Carnegie Institute, Cleveland Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale and the Israel National Museum.

Pieces by Terry Haas in our gallery:

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