Menconi, Michael Angelo
Menconi’s interest in fine art was engaged at an early age, at fifteen years old, Menconi was granted a Key Award for Jewelry Design, from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. 1995, Interest in the medium of glass lead Menconi to Seattle, Washington. There, he studied the manufacture of glass with Daryl Smith-Team Chihuly and Aaron Thane Tate- Martin Blank, team members of two of Seattle's greatest glass artists of all time. 1997, Menconi was privileged an invite by the Director of Development and Education of The Corning Museum of Glass to a lecture about glass design, by guest lecturer, Maestro Lino Tagliapietra. Menconi was honored by the opportunity to observe Lino's working styles as he produced a limited edition of pieces for the Steuben Crystal Factory during the following weeks. For the next 5 years, Menconi claimed residency in upstate New York, where he studied glass with The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass and the Rakow Library. From this experience, Menconi developed a passion to work with contemporary design and learned the value of working with a team. 2004, Menconi founded a 501(c) 3 non-profit glass school, The Contemporary Studio of Glass Art in Westmont, Illinois. He created this school with a group of friends and enthusiasts because he believed the midwest was lacking a proper facility to enrich the public about the production of glass and art. Despite the school's success,The Contemporary Studio of Glass Art was closed in early 2009 due to the global recession and combined lack of funding. Like the rainbow after a storm, Menconi discovered that he was now able to spend more time on his work. For the next few years Menconi had shows with galleries, exhibited work in S.O.F.A. New York and Chicago. With many acquisitions to collectors internationally, a desire to show more then just a beautiful product arose. The relationship between object and response was key as he developed a passion for substance within his work. 2009-2012 Menconi collaborated with artist Charles Lowrie. With the help of a dedicated team of glass professionals they escalated the limits of decorative art into a conceptual level of original sculptures- Transcensions. In this body of work, transcending was used as a vehicle promoting the observer to use their imagination in deciphering deeper meaning in each original sculpture. 2013, Menconi collaborated with artist Michael Benisty on-Dragon a conceptual sculpture that was unveiled in part of Art Basel Miami @ the Delano Hotel December, 5th-8th 2013. Menconi is currently producing Reflection, a narrative of sculpture that examines boundaries between advanced art and the multifaceted dimensions of viewer. Included in this work is- From Within a light refraction installation that made its debut for Art Prize September 24- October12th, 2014.

Pieces by Michael Angelo Menconi in our gallery:

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