Yong, Jo Ji
In 1997, Yong Jo Ji attended the Art Institute of Chicago and received his BS. He also studied studio art at the University of Wisconsin and has received a MFA in Painting. In his professional career, he taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996. Yong Jo Ji was a committee member of the Memorial Union Art Counsel. He was also the curator at Porter Butts Gallery, Class of 1995 Galleries in WI, and Pangia Art Gallery in Chicago, IL. He has had many group and solo exhibitions all over the country ranging from 1981 to the present. Yong Jo Ji likes to experiment with colors, geometric shapes, brushwork, and the encaustic technique to “draw the viewers into it’s emotional state of his pieces.” Yong Jo Ji received the Albert Murray Grant in 1998. His works are now showing at Armstrong De Graaf Fine Art.

Pieces by Jo Ji Yong in our gallery:

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