Deriy, Inna and Alex
Inna Deriy was born in the Southern Western part of Russian Siberia. Coming from a family of geologists, she spent most of her childhood exploring the beauty of Siberian nature. In the mid 90's Inna graduated from art school and decided to explore jewelry making and graphic design. Her artistic journey then led her to head an art project for the Siberian Division of Science that was later presented to Vladimir Putin. Inna later decided to relocate to the United States where she currently resides. With this move she also moved away from traditional painting techniques, and created a technique that uses liquid pigment polymers. Using this technique on stone, glass, canvas, and wood, Inna is able to create beautifully bold collages that give the illusion of stained glass or tile mosaic. Her colorful pieces are inspired from natural stones and minerals she remembers discovering as a child.

Pieces by Inna and Alex Deriy in our gallery:

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