Amant, Guin
Guin Amant has had solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, and The United States. He is part of private and public collections in France. Guin’s work is at the artothéques of Miramas, Limoges, Valence, Argenteuil and Soisy Montmorency and the museum of St. Maur les fossés. He has been in multiple publications, including Art Magazine and Art Book in Montreal Canada. In 2004, Guin Amant created the logo and the poster to the Cultural Season of the City of Taverny (France). Guin Amant Started painting on Parachutes but has since moved on to other materials such as canvas. Guin belongs to a young generation of artist who experiment with video and images in today’s visual art world. He Lives and works in Paris, France.

Pieces by Guin Amant in our gallery:

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