Bick, Georgie E.
Georgie Elyane Bick was born in Tebessa, Algeria. There she grew up around looms because of the major rug weaving industry in Algeria at the time. As a schoolgirl, she learned how to weave at a convent putting in 10 to 12 hours a day. She met her husband, James Bick while working as a radio operator during WWII and moved to America. Bick gained national and international recognition when she returned to weaving in 1963. Her husband had built her several looms of her own. She is considered to have been of the finest weavers in the world by many established textile authorities. Ms. Bick has served as consultant to both the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. She also instructed fine art tapestry to students. Her works have become more collectable since her recent passing several years ago. Weaving a tapestry is a laborious process, taking up to two years to finish one.

Pieces by Georgie E. Bick in our gallery:

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