Miretsky, David
David Miretsky, born in Kiev, Russia in 1939, studied at the Kiev Art Institute from1965 to 1969. In following years the unorthodox subject matter of his work forced him to exhibit in "underground" exhibitions in Kiev and Moscow, which led to his arrest and confiscation of certain works. After his release, Miretsky left the Soviet Union to persue the expressive freeedoms now seen in his paintings. He arrived in the U.S, with his family in 1975, first settling in Cincinnati, then moved New York where he continues to live and work. Miretsky's paintings lend insight into human characters. He has borrowed imagery from his native culture to make provocative statements about the human condition whose relevance extends far beyond Russian society. The evolution of his art reflects the happiness and success he has found in American life. He continues to paint in the same traditions, displaying the potential tenderness in human relationships; yet his subjects have become less somber and more elegant. While the landscapes begin to dominate with their naturalness and sophistication of color, the altered elements of composition continue to amplify the impact of the subject.

Pieces by David Miretsky in our gallery:

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