“In Through the Artist Door”

This photo has become a “mascot” photo for Armstrong – De Graaf International Fine Art. Many, many people enter and exit our gallery every year. Multiply that by the number of galleries that populate the earth. A few ponder the art and ask about the artist. Far too many want a 30 second experience, on their own, and appear nervous about absorbing and learning. Are galleries uncomfortable, is there an assumed pressure to buy or is art a desired vicarious pleasure or past-time without any desire for commitment.

The artist is a name, a face accompanied by a book and bibliography. There are thousands of artists and knowing an artist personally is rare. Only a few get the opportunity to walk through the artist door and have a studio experience. Those that have the interest and the time to share a glass of wine, engage in conversation and see a works develop in front of your eyes. That is a special experience. Time goes so fast and the experience can last a lifetime. Trust your gallery to be the bridge of discovery.

This is an actual artist studio door. Artistry composed of the worn tools of the trade, decorating a worn and deteriorating door. Humanism abounds with this picture. Stefan Davidek, is the artist, part of our gallery for over 30 years. I saw the door with my own eyes and have seen the doors of many artist. Visit our gallery door also.
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