MacGowan, Steven

Steven MacGowan is a master of the painted wood relief technique. This is the process of transferring an image onto the flat panel of butternut or basswood, chiseling and carving out the image, then applying oil paint to further give it depth. A painter of “Urban Nature”, he likes to create images of Urban cityscape, but prefers to reside in a rural lower Michigan city. He is part of multiple private and public collections in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. He has had many publications including Nature Transformed: Wood Art from The Bohlen Collection, The Fine Art of Wood, The Bohlen Collection, SOFA 1996 Chicago Exposition, and New American Paintings. MacGowan took first place in the Four Flags Regional Art Competition, Best in Show at the Southwestern Michigan Regional Art Competition, and Best in show at the Area Artist Association Juried Regional. He was an important artist of this Gallery for many years, unfortunately he had an untimely death in 2012.

Pieces by MacGowan, Steven in our collection: