Krivosheiw, Alexander

Alexander Krivosheiw is a Brooklyn-based artist showing
his current work in New York City.

Born on December 28, 1976 in New York, Alexander graduated from the School of Visual Art with a Bachelor’s degree and Honors in Fine Arts Sculpture. Previous to his enrollment in SVA he studied ancient Greek mythology, archaeology and social anthropology for two years in Crete, Greece. These studies have had an influence in his work involving concept design and sculptures.

While enrolled at SVA, Alexander began his apprenticeship with a respected sculptor Kevin Barrett, learning and developing his welding and fabrication skills over the course of 7 years. Some of the notable work Alexander has fabricated were aluminum wall reliefs for the painter Tom Wesselmann, which have since become one-of-a-kind museum pieces. Working with another respectable sculptor Bill Barrett gave Alexander the opportunity to develop the skill for fabricating large-scale sculptures (up to 18ft), many of which are now in private collections worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from such fields as industrial design, ancient cultures, and modern design aesthetics, Alexander delicately creates a new structural language in his work. He constantly challenges himself with discovering and working with new mediums and materials, creating a new form of expressive forms. Undertones of angelic shapes and movement can be seen in much of Alexander’s work. Creating dynamic shapes and giving life to a difficult fixed material such as metal is an exciting and challenging process. Alexander’s latest techniques in painted and welded aluminum have become a catalyst for a new direction, possibilities and creative freedom.

Alexander currently lives in New York City, and works on creating private sculpture commissions and personal body of work.

Pieces by Krivosheiw, Alexander in our collection: