Artists in our Collection

  • Amant, Guin

    Guin Amant is a well trained painter based in Paris, France.

  • Balbo, Tom

    Balbo has a technical expertise in using paper as an artistic medium.

  • Barrett, Alex

    Alex Barrett brings a unique flair to typical bronze art.

  • Barrett, Bill

    Bill Barrett is considered a central figure in abstract sculptures in steel, aluminum and bronze.

  • Barrett, Kevin

    Kevin is a skilled welder of aluminum, steel, and bronze.

  • Bassa, Carme

    Carme Bassa is an accomplished painter and sculptor based in Barcelona.

  • Bick, Georgie E.

    Georgie E. Bick is considered to have been of the finest weavers in the world by many established textile authorities.

  • Bowdlear, Charles M.

    Chuck Bowdlear is a 20th Century American artist.

  • Brorby, Harry

    Brorby’s focus is often on minimal art, as shown in his March 20, 1971 “Yellow Series” at Western Michigan University.

  • Brouwer, Charlie

    Charlie Brouwer completed a MA in Painting and a MFA in Sculpture at Portland State University and Western Michigan University.

  • Bruischat, Daryl

    Bruischat’s abstract and brilliantly colored copper pieces gather not just the eye, but the also the mind.

  • Carsman, Jon

    His pallet is vibrant and intense and very unique.

  • Chew,Teng Beng

    Dr. Chew is an associate professor of the Art Centre at University Sains Malaysia, Penang

  • Chiza, Amaru

    Chiza, combines architectural and abstract elements in his canvases. He uses non-traditional materials as well as geometric.

  • Constantine, Greg

    Greg Constantine’s oil and acrylic on styrene Artist Licenses are now on display at Armstrong De Graaf Galleries

  • Davidek, Stefan

    Stefan Davidek uses color masterfully.  He captures Michigan’s unique beauty, painting pine trees, horses, and even highways.

  • Deriy, Inna and Alex

    Inna Deriy’s unique technique of spreading liquid pigment polymers allows her to create bold and striking pieces or art.

  • Elz, Barry

    Barry Elz uses his keen knowledge of light to sculpt his photographic portraits.

  • Fisher, Agnes

    Author and Painter. “Daughters Of Zion” is major work. Paint-drip techniques often used.

  • Friend, Nuel

    Nuel Friend creates intriguingly abstract compositions through the use of non-traditional materials and painting techniques.

  • Gonzalez-Tornero, Sergio

    Gonzales-Tornero has had many exhibitions in Chile, Canada, Europe and the United States.

  • Gray, Maureen Bergquist

    Maureen Berquist Gray specializes in Stone sculptures.

  • Green, Jonathan

    Jonathan Green won the Man of Distinction Award in 2003.

  • Gropper, William

    William Victor Gropper was a U.S. cartoonist, painter, lithographer, and muralist.

  • Haas,Terry

    Terry Haass’ etchings are admired for their complexity in design and execution.

  • Halsey, Brian

    Brian Halsey creates bright serigraphs printed on Somerset 100% rag paper trimmed to 21 1/2” x 21”

  • Hand, Jennifer

    Jennifer Collins is an instructor for the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

  • Hockney, David

    David Hockney is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century.

  • Jagdish, C.

    Jagdish is a well known Indian artist. He creates brightly colored papier-mâché mask and figures.

  • Jardin, Eugene

    Eugene Jardin has recieved critical acclaim for exhibitions at numerous major galleries throughout the world.

  • Johnson, Bill

    The inspiration for Bill’s paintings come from things that he sees and is intrigued by.

  • Krivosheiw, Alexander

    Alexander Krivosheiw is a Brooklyn-based artist showing his current work in New York City.

  • Labino, Dominick

    Laabino was a large part of the studio glass movement.

  • Lee, George R.

    George R. Lee specializes in black and white photography

  • Lopez Loza, Luis

    Luis Lopez Loza is a mexican painter, printmaker, and sculptor.

  • MacGowan, Steven

    Steven MacGowan is a master of the painted wood relief technique.

  • Meuser, Brian

    Brian rediscovered his artistic gift and it is time to introduce or reintroduce Brian and his work, a graduate of University of

  • Michael Angelo Menconi

    Though his extensive study of using glass as a medium, Michael Menconi crafts each original glass sculpture.

  • Michel, Del

    Del Michel describes his work as lyrical and colorful abstraction.

  • Miller, Kari

    Power of the “Visual” is my life. First, we capture what we see., Second, our brains capture more than sight can. Then spiritual

  • Miretsky, David

    The evolution of Miretsky’s art reflects the happiness and success he has found in American life.

  • Mullen, David

    David Mullen creates unique cast bronze sculptures.

  • Newhouse,  Thomas

    Three dimensional sculptures are a passion. Metallic fabrics stretched over complex under-structure armatures.

  • O’Brien, Kevin

    In 1983 Kevin O’Brien was appointed Artist in Residence at the National Gallery in London.

  • Overvoorde, Chris Stoffel

    Overvoorde is a graphic designer, painter, printmaker, and as an environmentalist.

  • Peterdi, Gabor

    Peterdi was a great innovator of printmaking techniques. He devised elaborate ways of color printing by collaging copper plates.

  • Pond, Clayton

    Pond is well known for using high gloss varnish printing in thick layers of bright contrasting colors.

  • Prida, Fernando Ramos

    Ramos Prida is well known for his sun cracked painted wood tablets reminiscent of the Olmec and Mayan heritage of his youth.

  • Raigorodsky, Santiago

    Raigorodsky’s contemporary abstractions are dimensional, soft, and with feeling.

  • Romero, Alejandro

    Romero has studied at the Art School of Vincennes in Paris, the Artists’ Collective in Taos, New Mexico and at the School of the

  • Rowe, Tom

    Culture and nature are brought together to create Tom’s beautiful and unique pieces of art.

  • Sawyer, Thomasina

    Thomasina Sawyer works with a wide variety of medias.

  • Sharp, Mark

    Creates paintings and works on paper inspired by the natural landscape. His observed world is energetic with complex experiences

  • Siegl, Helen

    Helen Siegl gained a large reputation for both her individual signed and numbered prints and for her book illustrations

  • Tamariz, Eduardo

    Eduardo Tamariz has works in over 60 museums and collections.

  • Tanis, Joel Schoon

    Joel Schoon Tanis’ colorful and whimsical paintings explore God’s words and creation.

  • Teague, Michael

    Michael Teague is a painter, composer, cartoonist, animator, and writer.

  • Walker, James

    James Walker is well known for his Abstract Composition Serigraphs.

  • Weege, William

    William Weege’s work is stunning and impactful and often political

  • Wilkoff, fNancy

    Nancy begins each piece by sifting through collections of objects until one thing presents itself as a beginning point.

  • Yong Jo JI

    Jo Ji experiments with colors, geometric shapes, brushwork, and the encaustic technique.

  • Zhou Bothers

    The Zhou Bothers are internationally acclaimed in museums worldwide.